The Fischer-Ankern Estate, Austria

We are a diversified family company, active in the areas of forestry / timber production, pond aquaculture and agriculture. Being aware of our ecological, social and economic responsibilities, we produce roundwood, fish and cereals in a sustainable way.

Since the Middle Ages we are one of Austria’s major fish producers and - with more than 1,8 million square meters pond area - the nationwide largest organic aquaculture. As a company, we have more than 700 years of professional experience in applied ecosystem management and sustainable natural resource utilization.

The first ponds of our extensive aquaculture were built in the 14th century. Since that time, our artificial pond landscapes have developed to Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance and Natura 2000 sites under the EC Birds and Habitats and Species Directives.

Forests. Water. Nature.

Our forests and pond wetlands are characterized by a high bio-diversity, which embraces rare species like the mammals Lutra lutra and Micromys minutus, mussels Margaritifera margaritifera and Unio crassus, and the crustacean Astacus astacus. Next to cultural, commercial, recreational and ecological values, the pond wetlands have an important function as hydrological buffer zone which controls flood and store water.

Our aquaculture applies extensive production methods, utilizes the natural available food (esp. zoo- and phytoplankton) and supplements the natural food by cereals produced on local agricultural fields, mainly owned by the estate itself. The cereals are still supplied by hand from small boats.

Through the extensive production philosophy, stocking densities are low and chemical fertilisers are not applied. The lentic pond-system which consists of interconnected ponds is completely sourced by precipitation. At the end of each production cycle each pond is drained and the contained fish are harvested by nets when the water level is low. The water level changes are entirely driven by gravity. Our production processes are very constant over the centuries.


The castle of Kirchberg am Walde, which is the headquarter of our company, was built before 1136 and looks back to a fascinating history. Originally it was built as a fortress but changed to a representative castle during baroque. During the first half of the 19th century the estate was owned and used as summer and hunting residence by the French Minister Duke Pierre de Blacas d´Aulps. In 1836 the French King Charles X. lived during his exile after the July Revolution with his royal household in the castle of Kirchberg am Walde.

 In 1869 Duke Stanislaus de Blacas d´Aulps sold the estate to the industrialist Anton Fischer Ritter von Ankern. Today the castle is the head office of the administration of the Fischer-Ankern estate.


Dr. Andreas Fischer-Ankern

Guts- und Forstverwaltung

Nr. 1, A-3932 Kirchberg am Walde


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